Welcome to Romanian Society of Digital Dentistry that is focused in sharing knowledge of digital dentistry and help dentists and dental technicians to switch from analog to digital workflows.

From Analog to Digital Dentistry

This days digital dentistry is available to all dentists and dental technicians out there and our society is here to help you make the switch in easy and pleasant way. Starting from planning and all the way to 100%predictable workflows in dental prosthetics, orthognatic surgery, dental implantology, orthodontics and many other categories. Our specialists are here to support and increase the level of digital dentistry in our country. 


Romanian Society of Digital Dentistry is founded in 2020 in Timisoara and it’s headquarter is a building that was specially created for education in digital dentistry. We are looking to welcome you in 2021 and start an national education project that will help all our coleagues reach new height in digital dentistry.